Stop free handouts


POLITICAL leaders and members of parliament from Jiwaka should abstain from dishing out free handouts or gifts to their constituents.
Leaders should start transforming their people’s mindset from receiving free handouts to adopting a culture of earning an honest living.
It is a concern seeing individuals and parties approach local MPs and the governor’s office to lodge false claims to access district services improvement (DSIP) and provincial services improvement (PSIP) funds in return for political support.
This practice of false claim is an act of defrauding the state and the culprits should be held accountable.
This act of self-interest and greed hinders development.
Jiwaka is still at its infant stage and the leaders should act right instead of compromising for political gain.
The free handout mentality sickens the society and has to be addressed at all levels for a better community, society and our beautiful country.

Mal Dam,
Nine Mile – Turf Club NCD