Stop harassing female students


THE event that transpired at the University of PNG Forum square leaves much to be desired with, an embarrassment to say the least at a venue that has hosted some of Papua New Guinea’s finest statesmen and women.  Although there had been dialogues leading up to the staged protest yesterday by the female students, the actions or inactions of their male counterparts reeks of failure of an institution that has lost its title as the “premier university of the Pacific”. The attack or suppression of a public forum brings back memories of our 2016 revolt against the State where students were ambushed by policemen on that very day yesterday, four years ago.  But yesterday’s attack had no meaning, or, to put it bluntly, a ploy to cover-up the sexual misdeeds of a certain minority group in the university. Sexual harassment, on all levels, should not be tolerated. The actions of yesterday’s perpetrators against the female protestors is somewhat dangerous to freedom of speech in the nniversity and also it portrays the understanding towards the outside community that the nation’s top university is a breeding ground for future sexual offenders who have no respect for human dignity and would pounce at broad daylight to satisfy their sexual desires. This is a call to the university to seriously investigate the cries of sexual harassment in its periphery because what good it would be to have future graduates groomed to join the workforce with their illicit traits tucked under them? The university has to address this now because it would get even worse in a job setting.

Concerned Citizen