Stop hiding behind an alias


DEAR Kake Smith:
It has been a while since you’ve used this ghost name.
You made your return with allegations on false pretence, forgery, fraud and issuing of threats.
Yet you are keen to take further risks, believing to be a Mr Know-It-All.
With the loophole that brought you to university, you led a good number of students with your beliefs.
In the midst of your white collar crime, you were also vocal on Facebook, attempting to paint a different picture to your trustees.
But, whew!
The name given to you at birth was transformed when you started to feel the heat.
You capitalised on this new name to do many illegal things which I listed earlier.
And it is quite amusing to see your little plays but have you discovered why so many of your followers, including you, were erased on the school’s database?
I am aware that this is a sensitive situation as you will have to deal with each of the students that trusted you.
You assumed that no one knew your mischievous persona.
Never forget that you are lucky to be included as a student of a premier university.
An institution where your colleagues have competed with the 29,000-30,000 students to get in.
This State-owned university trains our nation’s professional “cream of the crop”.
It is not that easy to deceive us after all.
It is even a pity for you to intermingle the term “keyboard warrior” in a recent daily newspaper (Tuesday, Aug 2).
It is better to identify the substance of those narratives before giving such statements.
Many writers present their arguments in a scholarly manner, as you might be stubborn to accept.
Issues are meant to be discussed so that it reaches the right attention for verification, justification, and implementation.
Papua New Guinea lacks the avenues that will enable the citizens, academia and private agencies to propose opinions on systematic failures and imbalances for change.
Government reports and other NGO surveys are based on the results they need, and it is influenced by the government under any circumstances.
So let us talk about what we are going to do to the country than what the country is going to do for us Mr Kake Smith.

Spikey’s Foster Parent
Veari Wanderer

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