Stop misleading your flock


AS the saying goes: “Different people have different tastes.”
By the token, different Christian preachers, pastors and church members have different interpretations of the Holy Bible according to their own understanding.
And many people have been using their different interpretations to misinform and/or influence others.
For example, the changing of the banking systems from passbook accounts to bank credit/debit cards was publicly opposed nationwide by certain churches with some saying that this was the “mark of the beast” (666), but eventually, many pastors and church leaders signed up for a credit/debit card and nothing happened.
A similar situation is currently happening in regard to the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccination programmes.
Bible interpreters are the main people who are advising people not to get vaccinated which is causing more problems for the country, the Government and the people.
People are hesitating to take the jab which is causing the uprising we are facing.
These Christians who are using religious and/or scientific propaganda to advise people against the vaccine must take into account that if these people seeking advice from them get Covid-19 and die, who will be held responsible for their death?
Who will be held accountable on Judgement Day?

Bal Temai
Independent State of
Papua New Guinea

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