Stop night service, PMVs warned

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 21st May 2013


PUBLIC Motor Vehicles servicing highways of  Highlands provinces, Madang and Morobe have been warned against doing business overnight. 

National Road Safety Council executive director Nelson Terema said drivers must stop carrying passengers at night because it was not safe, besides  poor road conditions made it travel dangerous.  

“The drivers must stop now,” Terema told The National.

 “The National Road Safety Council and other law agents will be stationed on the roads to check out vehicles doing business at night.”

Terema stressed that PMV drivers should work six days a week and must rest after eight hours of work each day as required. 

“That means drivers should work during the day and rest in the night,” he said. 

“If the bus leaves in the morning for its destination, the driver must rest for the afternoon or night before the next day’s trip. 

 “If drivers are caught doing business overnight, they will be penalised.  

“A circular was sent to agents, including the police, informing them of the action we are taking. 

“NRSC officials are conducting awareness on this warning so we expect drivers and passengers to abide by this regulation.

“We will cover, Lae, Ramu, Madang, Kainantu, Goroka, Chimbu and other provinces and towns that are linked by the Highlands Highway.”