Stop playing around with people’s lives


BECAUSE of the poor economy and corruption eating up monies needed to develop Papua New Guinea into a successful nation for all to live and enjoy, criminal activities of all kinds are on the rise.
Go to all nearest bus stops, hospitals, police stations, markets, streets, and highways every in Papua New Guinea at any day and there you will confirm that people are looking for anything by any means to make life and fend for themselves daily.
Cash flow situation throughout the country is very low and hunger for goods and basic needs are growing among all families.
Hunger and anger caused by poor economic conditions and the bigger economy slowing down is putting massive pressure on all families.
Resorting to criminal activities of all sorts is the next option for the idle and lazy men and young teens in all provinces.
Political and bureaucratic leaders should know that we are dealing with a massive time bomb which will explode in our faces soon very soon.
Playing around with peoples monies, power, opportunities, employment, economy and country will erupt and cost this nation dearly.
It’s just a matter of time.
Let’s call for action by leaders to save our economy from corruption and mismanagement and misuse of public funds now before it’s late for us all.
It’s not them and us, it’s us all.

Samson Komati,
Think Tank Group Inc,
Papua New Guinea

One thought on “Stop playing around with people’s lives

  • Good and timely call, Samson. When will the this government start taking lead to “take back PNG” from corruption?

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