Stop questioning men of God


WE Papua New Guineans have no reason to second guess the God and his works.
I am disappointed on a letter titled ‘Spiritual leaders, where do you stand?’
It is quit embarrassing for some Christian to read.
The letter might have a point but has gone beyond its boundaries when questioning the men of God on what their solutions are regarding sorcery in PNG.
Churches are playing their part, pastors are preaching to educate people about the real qualities of life, so if we disobey the Bible than the pastors a not be blamed.
The only solution to that question will be prayer.
We as individuals should ask ourselves on how much we are contributing towards the role being a Christian and not blaming and questioning God.
Questioning pastors, prophets and bishops about what they are doing with the tithes and offerings is a shame.
You can talk about the offerings but not the tithes because tithes is what we owe God and we are supposed to give with no question.
We Christians should stop robbing God and start paying our 10 per cent required. We pay tax because that belongs to God.
Respecting the men of God is like respecting God himself so if we have anything to do with sorcery than why don’t ask the government to impose a penalty for that and stop discriminating the Men of God in this Christian Nation.

Abigail Gou

One thought on “Stop questioning men of God

  • Don’t talk any more about tithes and offerings. Talk about the 10% tax collected by the government because tithes and offerings are less than the 10% tax from the government.

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