Stop sacking good players


HE sacking of Hunters forward Epel Kapinias by Hunter’s coach Matthew Coach is not welcomed by many fans.
While we appreciate the fact that Hunter’s players have to live by the rules, most of the Hunters players are village boys and when they are given this golden opportunity to be in team, we believe many of them take this opportunity with both hands as this is the only opportunity to showcase their potential while playing in Hostplus Cup.
Many of them are living their dreams.
Hence, Church should also take into consideration the players’ cultures.
Once they see that one of their most humble and respected teammate is dropped or suspended by the coach for whatever reason, the morale and team spirit will get low and this will even cost the game.
The Hunters are fortunate to have Stanley Tepend and Paul Aiton as their assistant coaches as we believe the two of them can help Church understand our culture.
From our observations, Kapinias has been one of the most humble, hardworking and capped players who deserve better.
The continuous call for Garry Lo to join the Hunters seem to fall on deaf ears every time.
The sacking of many good players is a bad start to this season.

Dismayed Hunters Fan,

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