Stop spreading misinformation


MISINFORMATION is spreading fast and has been worse since the start of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.
More concerning is that people continue to die, but those involved in spreading lies are not being held to account for their actions.
For generations, our citizens have been fooled by the “glass man” into believing in sorcery and other stories that have resulted in some of the worst crimes we have seen in our country.
But all of this is untrue.
In recent years, we have seen lies spread on social media about body organs being harvested and those responsible were at Boroko Police Station.
That resulted in riots.
Again, this was untrue.
Our political leaders tell us things such as that a particular piece of land is good for a navy base, but in the end, we find that it is in the mountains.
With the worst effects of the pandemic upon us, our situation is dire as people are dying.
Many are avoiding vaccination.
This is all because people believe ridiculous stories of magnets in vaccines or that faith alone will be enough, which are all untrue.
Science shows that vaccination of any disease assists to reduce illness.
The Covid-19 is no different.
Where is the accountability for people that are knowingly spreading misinformation which resulted in people dying?
Where is the doctor who told their patient recently that they should only take herbal remedies and avoid oxygen therapy at all costs when their patient died in the hospital because the patient could not breath?
This doctor should be sacked and sent to prison.
Personal beliefs are one thing, but knowingly promoting these beliefs that causes others to be hurt or die should have consequences.
There must be accountability.
Those who do this deliberately need to be locked up.
Our people need credible information from experts and trusted sources to be able to make good decisions.
Those spreading inaccurate and misleading information need to be punished.
Prime Minister James Marape, it is time to change the law so these lie-spreading criminals can be brought to justice.

Stop the lies,
Save our people