Stop stealing from schools


SOME districts are feeding off from funds allocated to schools after the cheques are released.
It is just as the boomerang aid.
The unfortunate primary schools head teachers have to comply in order for the cheque to be released.
This is happening in Nawaeb.
Who is responsible to make sure there is fairness out there?
Where is the chief executive officer?
Where is the MP?
Are the Nawaeb financial administrators noticing such malpractices?
Who is going to help these struggling head teachers and the students in their schools?
Someone in higher authority needs to address this problem.
Human resources at the provincial level need shifting and critical assessments before recruiting officers.
Some are weak in handling financial management work.
Many want to have their shares in all breakups.
Something is wrong with our administration.
The authorities need to visit districts the mountains and address issues that people are faced with.
If you cannot visit these areas, quit your job and let someone else do it.
Stop stealing from schools.

Worried Parent,