Stop street fights before they get worse


HAVE you wondered why street fights start?  Its confusing right?  Where I live, street fights are most common.  Most times I’m not scared. But I am annoyed because I can’t even get a good night’s sleep.  And to make it worse, when people call the police, they take hours to come and help. Very often, street fights start when someone from another area comes and causes trouble. Sometimes, people in the same area start the fight because they are drunk and say bad things to someone or a group in the street. Do you agree with this? Can you tell me what a street fight is? What I’m about to tell you may sound made up, but it is true. For instance, when most people think of the word street fight, they refer to drunkards starting a fight, but did you know there is much more than that? A street fight doesn’t start with drunkards. It can be done as an act of war between big groups in the community or even just to take revenge. For example; last year, there was a big fight that took place near our street, in which someone was killed. The families were so mad, they retaliated and burnt some people’s houses down. What would you have to say about what goes on in a street fight if you had one every minute? Here’s what I have to say. Sometimes, what goes on in a street fight can be very brutal and dangerous. It can end up with someone being killed or beaten up very badly and injured. These can cause conflicts that can last for a long time. Who do you think started WWI and how did they start it? Did you know a conflict between a Serbian student and an Austrian politician led to the murder of a politician, resulting in WWI? It’s unbelievable right? So try not to get into a conflict with someone because it will end in an ugly way. Most times, street fights seem hard to stop because they are.  This is unacceptable. Would you like to live in an environment where the people can’t stop fighting? I’m sure you don’t. This is why the police have to start doing their jobs and act like real policemen. If they keep on doing their jobs right, people would trust the police more and the place would be much safer.  The Government should be stricter with the police and remove anyone that is doing the wrong things. The people have to also do their part by following the law and solve their problems in a good way and not in a violent way. In this way, there is trust between the people and Government so no one ever gets hurt or injured. This would build a good relationship of trust that would benefit both sides and strengthen the bonds between them. Do you agree? Because if you don’t, wait till WWIII comes. By then, you’d probably believe what I’m saying.

Aiden D (Grade 6)
Kimbe International Primary


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