Stop supporting wantoks in fights, says PPC

Lae News, Normal

The National, Wednesday, May 4, 2011

MOROBE provincial police commander Peter Guiness appealed to the people of Bulolo to refrain from supporting their wantoks or taking part in group fights, saying they themselves might end up becoming victims.
Guiness made the appeal at Bangulum village in Mumeng LLG on Monday in response to the fight in the small mining town last weekend which left two men dead, others seriously injured and homes destroyed.
The fight which interrupted movement of people and traffic along the road to Wau, started when two drunks argued with each other resulting in a fight.
Later friends of both men took sides and the fight went out of control.
 “Why would anyone in his right mind stick his nose into an argument that erupts between two drunkards?” he asked.
Guiness told police personnel misusing public properties like vehicles to stop, after people told him of officers getting drunk and wrecking vehicles.