Stop tribal fights in Bena, Allan

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 25th November 2011

I AM from Bena but I am disappointed with the on-going tribal fights there.
Many people have been affected one way or ano­ther.
There is now a constant threat on many innocent travellers using the Seigu-Megabo road.
The fights have also af­fected the delivery of go­vernment services and in­frastructure development.
This is evident as the district office building at Lahame has been abandoned and the proposed Lahame-Megabo road pro­ject has come to a halt.
I call on the Unggai-Bena MP Benny Allan to resolve the fights before the 2012 general election.
Otherwise, I fear the election would be in jeo­pardy and that would be a disaster for Bena.
While I believe that it is customary to fight and defend our land, water, forest and mountains, I also believe that we all need to live in peace and harmony to enjoy life and prosper.
Our children also need a safe place to stay, grow up and have a better life.
A good education, a safe environment and a friendly community would be an ideal place for our children to establish themselves before venturing into the outside world.
The people of Bena need to change the mindset and the way they see and do things.
We have to bear in mind that we are living in a very competitive world and we do not want to see our children lacking behind other average children elsewhere in the world.
Let us forget about the past and think of the future.
Let us make our place a better place to live, enjoy life and raise our children, and compete with the rest of the world.
Let us unite for peace.

Yayobees Panaii
Port Moresby