Stop tribal fights in Tsak


I AM appealing to warring tribes of Sikin Palinau and Sikin Yopo to immediately lay down their arms and negotiate for peace.
The tribal fight that started early last month had claimed more than 20 lives and millions worth of properties and gardens were destroyed.
On top of the deaths and properties lost, our innocent women and children are displaced and taking refuge in neighbouring tribes.
Luckily, the military officers and the police are protecting the Tsak High School, otherwise it would have burnt to ashes as well.
Elites and business people from both tribes should not back the fighting with financial support for guns and bullets.
There is no winner in tribal fighting.
The tribes from Middle Lai coming to support the fighting tribes should stop as well.
The tribes from within Tsak helping the fighting tribes should stop.
You are not helping.
You are destroying lives.
Tsak had experience the results of a tribal fight in the 1990s when the valley went down to ashes when Yambran Warenge and Yambran Pausa tribes took arms.
Generations of children missed school and their future were affected.
It is no secret that tribal fighting is bad. What Tsak experienced in the 1990s could repeat if this fighting is not stopped immediately.
Our children will be affected if we do not.
Children are innocent.
They deserve a better future.
We owe them a better future.
It is time tribes in the valley talk peace and negotiate for the two Sikin tribes to stop fighting and work towards a lasting peace between the tribes and the peace for the valley.
I heard that police and defence force protecting the high school are mediating to stop the fight which other tribes in Tsak should give their undivided support to instill peace and security and better future for our children and mothers.
Let’s all pray to seek God’s help and hope for peace to prevail in Tsak Valley

Waimin Bank