Stop tribal mentality


WE should stop tribal mentality in the country.
The police are doing all they can to maintain peace and the unite people of many tribes to live together.
It is not difficult to do that if we all understand the true meaning of our purpose as humans created by God.
Tribal mentality is not from God. God created mankind to be one family worshipping only one God.
Tribalism started in the heart of Satan, the devil, when he influenced a third of the angels to break away from God.
God condemned them all and removed them all from His presence.
This was when the idea of tribal groupings appeared.
This is the reason why we see bad things happening everywhere around the world and in our country.
Tribalism is a great problem that needs everyone’s input to address and put and end to it.
It is our biggest challenge.
I agree with the police that we should stop tribal mentality and learn to live together as one people.
We should live according to God’s Word.
Let’s change and be one people living together without fighting and competing against each other.

Christopher W Taweg