Stop using and abusing God’s name

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 21st December 2011

MANY people have been preaching that the O’Neill regime is God’s answer.
Pastors like Charles Lapa kept preaching this government is the answer to the people’s prayers.
Please stop using and abusing the Lord’s good name.
I just want to point something out. 
Some of the people who are most vocal in the O’Neill regime
are polygamists and drunkards.
Leaders such as Sir Michael So­mare, Sam Abal and even Arthur Somare, have only one wife, not a chain of wives.
Also, the O’Neill faction has defied the Supreme Court’s decision.
As Christians, you should know that disobedience is a cha­racter of the devil.
Francis Awesa has said Par­liament House is the house of spi­rits.
No sir, your heart determines your behaviour.
Do not blame the house because it is the icon that stands out to tell the world of our unique culture and heritage.
We are a unique nation and want to keep the house as the haus bung where real people go there and discuss issues affecting our nation.
Those talking about spirits are simply expressing their hatred towards the Sepiks as the
Parliament House is designed in the Sepik haus bung or haus man.
I certainly doubt the O’Neill faction is from the prayers of the people.
They are the most disobedient leaders in the history of our country.

Hua Yombohn
Via email