Stop using God as excuse for removing carvings

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday February 6th, 2014

 SO, Pastor Joseph Walter’s New PNG group claims that it is a neutral body in relation to the speaker’s destruction of cultural objects in parliament. 

How  stupid do you think we  are? 

You absolutely support the speaker’s actions and further plan to do away with  freedom  of  religion  as well as the respect for ancestral traditions as stated in our Constitution. 

Can we not be Christian and Engan, Sepik, Buka or Oro too? 

Why do we have to abandon our PNG identity in order to be Christians? 

What perverted form of Christianity do you embrace? 

You also claim that the speaker is “God’s chosen appointed anointed vessel” and therefore stopping the speaker means interfering with the work of God. 

What divine inspiration told you this garbage? 

Quit using God to justify the speaker’s actions. 

But one thing I do agree with Pastor Walters is that we all need to know where the prime minister stands on this issue. 

Peter O’Neill has to come out and tell us all, and so do his deputies other MPs. 


Zebra Yava Nditing

Port Moresby