Stop venders from selling on roadsides


WE still have venders selling on the streets, especially in between traffic lights in Port Moresby.
Traffic laws forbid people from conducting illegal activities on the road, which police should be enforcing.
Those responsible are turning a blind eye on this.
This, along with road safety and the adherence to traffic laws, should be a top priority for the police and other relevant government agencies.
We understand that there is a law in the book (against selling on the street), but the police are not doing anything about it.
Apart from street vending, it seems motorists are defying traffic regulations by driving over the median that divides the city roads.
In some cases, PMV buses are making dangerous U-turns in places where they are not supposed to be turning and vehicles are being parked at unauthorised locations or even on the pavements in public venues.
One area that has lost all credibility of being a city road is the traffic light area at the Waigani/Tokarara junction.
The practice of vending in between vehicles at traffic lights should be discouraged or we will have deaths recorded either by hit-and-run or hold up gone wrong.
The relevant authorities should ensure this does not happen.
Improvements in traffic law enforcement should be part of an integrated road safety policy that aims at reducing deaths and injuries when applied.

Irritated Driver