Stopping projects bad for country, says O’Neill


IALIBU-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill says the closure of more resource projects and the delay of others is costing many jobs, making foreign exchange harder for business to obtain, and worsening the law and order situation around the country.
Responding to the announcement by the Government on the closure of Ramu nickle mine operations yesterday, O’Neill said such decisions were turning away investors.
“I am very concerned at the ongoing closure of current resource projects and the turning away of investments that should already be underway today, and in the year ahead,” he said.
“The reality is that our economy is heavily dependent on income from the resources sector, and when this is turned off, our people suffer.”
O’Neill said the current situation with the closing down or stalling of projects such as Ramu, Porgera gold, Wafi-Golpu, P’nyang and Papua LNG would cause the economy to collapse.
“Thousands of jobs are already being lost, funding for healthcare, education and law and order is hitting rock bottom.
“Sadly, if we think our people are suffering today ,just wait for another six months from today, when the full economic impacts of these project closures and delays take effect.”
“Right now we need clear and firm decisions on each of these projects in question,” O’Neill said.

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