Strange acts by foreigners


WE the kind and humble citizens of the entire Admiralty Islands, of which Manus is the main island, are concerned about the strange acts by foreigners on our peaceful islands who have decided to attract government attention by stitching up their lips or going on hunger strike and trying to burn themselves alive.
These are all strange acts which we do not wish to allow our growing up children to learn and imitate thinking they are norms in our society.
If these people have an issue with the Australian government regarding their asylum status, it has nothing to do with us indigenous islanders and we do not wish to allow these actions to continue, especially before our innocent children who we do not wish to grow up thinking these practices are part of our normal lives on the islands.
Certainly there are better ways of dealing with human feelings and respect for human dignity other than stitched lips and burning oneself alive, but if these people insist, they can let us know, we will be more than happy to help them stitch up their lips and burn them alive, it’s in the blood!
Australia must now be laughing at us while relaxing in a cane arm chair with a beer bottle in hand and relaxing because some idiots signed an agreement to throw one billion dollars on a security firm on Manus Island with boomerang flaps to land right back on Thursday Island and mainland Australia.
Australia never stood up against the advancing Japanese army and had to depend on our forefathers to do the killing for them beside US soldiers, and this is how they repay our father’s gesture, by dumping foreign dislikes on our island.
We are simple people but we can strike back when stepped upon so please Australia, take back your problems and pile them up somewhere in the vastness of the SAHUL continent.
And for Papua New Guineans who participated in signing papers and agreeing to have asylum seekers brought to our shores, they are at your service, please take ownership of them and bring them in your father’s backyards.
Just avoid sending us back to our forefather’s head hunting days.
Enough is enough!

Gerard Saleu