Stray bullet kills girl

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The National, Friday 03rd August 2012

A FATHER is demanding answers after his daughter was shot dead last Tuesday allegedly by police attending to a robbery at Erima suburb in Port Moresby.
Eight-year-old Stephanie Kapili, of Laiagam, Enga, was shot in her father’s trade store at around 3pm as police fired at youths whom they suspected of being involved in the robbery.
Stephanie’s father, Punin Kapili, said yesterday five pellets went through the wall of his store and one hit his daughter on  the forehead.
“She was rushed to the hospital however she couldn’t be saved as the pellet was difficult to pull out.”
Kapili, a Department of Commerce and Industry worker, said the police personnel and their vehicle were identified by onlookers as being from the 6-Mile police station.
He said he had produced statements for the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) and the Boroko Homicide Squad who are currently investigating.
“Policemen should not fire at will”, said Kapili.
He said such careless policemen were tarnishing the name of the police force.
“The state should be blamed for recruiting such people into the force,” he added.
Kapili wants the state liable for his daughter’s death as she was young and had many years to live.
Sgt Nei Pige of the Boroko Homicide Squad confirmed that investigations into the incident are underway.