Street sellers


I CONGRATULATE the Madang Town Management Authority for banning street sellers and the selling of betel nut in the town area.
As a newcomer, I see the town is cleaned up every week and it is pleasing to move around.
However, among the sellers in the fish market opposite Madang main market, there is a buai (betel nut) table there entertaining quite a good number of chewers.
And also, there is another at the back of the Air Niugini office.
This is unfair to the rest of the sellers who are abiding by the ban.
I urge the town authority to closely look at those sections and impose some proper penalties.
At least they will learn something good once in their life because they had been doing it for the past two to three weeks.
At the same time, I am calling on members of the public of Madang to work together and bring back Beautiful Madang.

Banning Supporter

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