Stregthen laws against domestic violence


A man’s primary role is to protect woman, love them and provide caring leadership.
However this divine responsibility has been lost.
Many senseless men see violence as a quick means to settle disputes even a small row between husband and wife.
Referring to the gruesome murder of the young mother-of-two Jenelyn Kennedy, it is very sad to see a young woman die in such manner.
For you to take away the life of someone you love most, how can we justify this?
It is unbelievable and beyond human comprehension.
Yes, in some instances, men can’t withstand the pain inflicted by their partners in any way, shape or form.
But is it necessary to beat our wives to death for months, weeks, days till to their last breath?
Seek legal advice for legal separation and not resort to illegal separation which is murder.
Nationwide solidarity is needed from all law abiding citizens and likeminded male counterparts at this point to address the ongoing abuses, inhumane treatments and violence our mothers and girls are facing.
If our laws are weak and too lenient, we must advocate for changes to be made.
I suggest our MPs must take the lead and organise public forums in all districts involving officers from Constitutional Law Reform Commission, police, women welfare groups to collect public views and make amendments to laws that are protecting women and girls.
We need tougher penalties such as life imprisonment and death penalty to discourage any form of violence against our mothers, wives and sisters.
Consider 10 to 20 years for swearing (describing women) in public.
PNG does not need to hide behind the veil of Christianity.
We need to bring the death penalty into action to deter such animalistic killings.
Extreme punishment is needed to deter any form of violence against women.
Men! We need to think positive and stop violence against women.

Hanam Bill Sandu


  • Yes it really needs addressing, but all forms of violence to be capitulated, lives lost that warrants death penalty.

    Get the message across that these offences will and cannot be tolerated in PNG, human rights have been violated and people die because of that so it is right the perpetrators deserve to be hanged as well.

    Don’t listen to these so called human rights activists, if they are fit tell them to come and run PNG na umi lukim

  • How can we preach about human rights after a tender, young life have been lost through the hands of a heartless, brainless coward?

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