Strive for excellence, says Polye

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FORMER Works, Transport and Civil Aviation Minister Don Polye says national leaders should stand tall to strive for excellence instead of being self centred.
Mr Polye said this on the eve of Independence during a farewell dinner hosted for him by the National Road Authority (NRA).
Speaking to his former staff and board members of NRA, he said he was tired of the kind of leadership provided at the floor of parliament by elected leaders.
Mr Polye said all leaders, especially the Parliamentarians, should strive for excellence.
However, many of the national leaders were tainted with bad names for serving their self  interest, he said.
Mr Polye said he was sick and tired of leaders not giving their hearts for the nation.
He said he is against self interest and building private empires.
Mr Polye said he is all about building the nation and putting the people’s interest first and foremost.
He said parliamentarians must be visionary and purposedriven with one goal that is to lift the county to a higher level from what it is now.
Mr Polye said politicians are policy makers and it is the bureaucrats and the people down the line that should drive the vision and policies.
The ousted Kandep MP said he was confident of retaining the seat in the by election, and wants to return to the ministry and continue to pursue his shattered vision for the transport sector.
“I want  to assure you that   I  will be back.
 I  love the transport sector. As we all know, we have many unfinished business at the sector and I am pretty sure we will continue to drive the sectors to higher level.”
Nomination opens today for the race for the Kandep Open seat.