Strong political will, leadership needed


PAPUA New Guinea has all the key ingredients required to achieve economic independence within a decade, however, strong political will and leadership will enable this.
The Singapore story, the Dubai story and the Rwanda story are very similar to us because they all point to the same thing, strong political will and visionary leadership.
These countries achieved economic independence within a very short time.
This is a classic example for our leaders to gain inspiration and follow suit.
The political mantra, “Take back PNG” under Prime Minister James Marape, is feasible within 10 years, but it requires a great sacrifice on his part as prime minister and whether or not his dreams and visions are bought into by his fellow MPs, the public service, the business sector and citizens are completely another thing.
The country has the potential, but it takes individuals to see this vision, educate others and demonstrate or lead by example, whether it be in a home, church, workplace, school or public places.
Papua New Guinea will eventually get there because it is producing good thinking individuals who are open minded and want to embrace change.
It is a lot of work, but step by step we will head into the right direction. Be optimistic about our future.
Marape has a vision and has set a standard for all able Papua New Guineans to see and work towards making it become a reality.

Stanley Joe Powi,
Kanage Street (6-Mile),