Strong quake shakes Madang

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 STRONG earthquake caused panic in Madang on Sunday but it was not enough to cause an evacuation for fear of a tsunami.
The earthquake with a magnitude of 5.8 on the Richter Scale and at a depth of depth 57km struck 10km south of Madang around 3pm on Sunday.
The earthquake lasted for more than three minutes but residents did not report any major damages.
A tradestore owner reported that goods displayed on his shop shelves fell as the quake struck, forcing people to run out of the store, and also from their homes.
A resident said the quake displaced several household items at his home while several window glasses shattered at a nearby home.
A nursing officer at Modilon General Hospital said the quake forced several coconuts to fall on his vehicle but there was no serious damage.
There were initial fears of a tsunami but people were convinced that the quake was not strong enough to trigger this.