Strong wind warning for Central, MBP

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The National- Tuesday, January 25, 2011


THE National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a strong wind warning for Central and Milne Bay waters since last weekend because of Cyclone Anthony which is currently to the west of New Caledonia at 17 degrees.

NWS duty forecaster Konnie Nato said yesterday strong winds and rains were experienced during the past two days.

“The strong wind warning was issued for the whole of Southern region from the border of Indonesia to Gulf, Yule Island in Central and to Milne Bay. 

“There is tropical Cyclone Anthony currently moving south from the west of New Caledonia, we are feeling the effects of it but as the cyclone moves further south the warning is now for Central and Milne Bay only,” Nato said.

He said the warning was initially for the whole of Southern region.

“There is no cyclone in PNG but only the effects of tropical Cyclone Anthony .

“What we have been experiencing in the last two days is what we call squally winds associated with thunderstorms and rains.

“This is normal during the wet season but extra care is still paramount.

“However, the winds will subside today but the wet conditions will continue for the next few days,” he said.

Nato also reminded people along the Central and Milne Bay coasts to heed the strong wind warnings and stay away from the seas and fishing activities.

There was also talk that 

aircraft coming into Port Moresby yesterday afternoon that could not land because 

of visibility problems caused by the rain and strong winds.

However, a representative from Airlines PNG denied this saying that all their aircraft were already on the ground before the strong winds and rain arrived, while some of their other aircraft were away from Port 

Moresby so they were not affected.

Attempts to get updates from Air Niugini and the Civil Aviation regarding the issue were unsuccessful.