Strong winds cause city church’s roof to collapse

Normal, Papua

The National, Monday February 3rd, 2014


STRONG winds in Port Moresby on Wednesday night damaged properties, including a building used for classes and church services.

The roof of the Nazarene church, located between Morata and Erima, collapsed around midnight when people had just ended a service.

Pastor Joe Darua Neil said the incident happened so quickly that they could only watch helplessly.

 “It happened all too quick,” Neil said. 

“Some of our youths who were still inside the hall at the time couldn’t do much but to watch helplessly as the roof collapsed.”

He said the damage to the building would affect the Sunday services and classes beginning next week for children in the area.

The elementary and youth classes are held three times a week for children whose parents could not afford for send them to proper schools.

He said the building could accommodate 100 people on Sundays and more than 70 children and youths during weekdays.

Youths use it for Bible studies.

Neil has appealed for help to the public and business houses to help the small community repair the multi-purpose building.

Strong winds were experienced around Port Moresby on Wednesday night as the National Weather Service forecast wet weather in most parts of the country this weekend.