Strong winds in Waghi

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STRONG wind associated with rain caused massive damages last Thursday afternoon in the Kindeng area in the South Waghi district of Western Highlands province.
About 3,000 people in the Tongai Mamalka tribe living between Kindeng and Waghi Bridge were affected.
Two permanent houses and about 20 bush material houses lost their roofs from the strong wind which started around 4pm.
Many trees were up-rooted and caused big damages to coffee trees and food gardens.
Quite a big number of banana trees, corn, pawpaw and other tree crops were also uprooted or flattened by the force of the wind and rain.
Community chief,  Michael Mondo said that this was a worst natural disaster they experienced in five year.
Mr Mondo said early this year,  Waghi River flooded its banks and destroyed their houses, a church building, food gardens and other properties and displacing about 700 people and this is the second natural disaster striking their area again.
He said that some family members were in their houses when their  roofs  were blown away.
“Luckily, no one was injured or killed but their belongings were soaked by rain.”
Mr Mondo said that fallen trees destroyed many food gardens.
“This affects many families who are struggling to rebuild their life after the flood.”
This is the to hit their area and many people are in mourning over the destroyed properties.
Mr Mondo said that officers from the provincial disaster office including division of primary industry were already informed to visit the affected areas and carry out their own assessment  on the destruction caused.