Structural changes in growth


IF you stand on top of a box which can or cannot withstand your weight, it will eventually break or not break depending on your weight.
Your weight is basically a force applied on the string (pulled downward by the gravitational force whose size is about 10 meters per second squared as a function of the inertia (the amount of substance) of your body as the multiplier.
The string is like the PNG economy and the weights you apply and remove on the string are the structural changes defined in the world’s real time encyclopedia as “a change in the relative weight of significant components of the aggregative indicators of the economy, such as national product and expenditure, exports and imports, population and labour force.”
This is how we are taking charge of all activities in PNG that contribute to the health of the economy for PNG’s livelihood. The lives of the present and future generations are basically in the actions and decisions that we undertake in every moment of our duties whether big or small.
In technology there is a system called the expert system that can calculate all the actions and decisions to position result of your acts and deeds with their correct values in numbers. Some could indulge in a subjective stance to achieve a credit or gain a political point by introducing a raw data. That data is the opinion one expresses and now you can be aware that you have a system in place called the expert system to detail you the inclination of the aftermath of your opinion.
In other words, you are given a tour guide of your life’s journey both in your deeds and spoken words as well as your written words, so you do not deviate from helping the needy and the poor.
If you do otherwise then there is a counter measure in technology’s subroutine such as a supervisor call that will take that alternate path and it either returns to the purposeful path like you have repented or it terminates. If it terminates, then you have lost your path. If it completes the loop to send a positive acknowledgement, then you would expect a hero’s salutation, applause and cheers awaiting you a faithful servant by an understandably wisdom filled and unconditional homely loving audience who have watched you heartily over the years with awe and captivation.
The GDPs, GNPs, exports, imports, expenditure, population, labour force etc., being the aggregate indicators have to be synchronised in technology. Thus, methodologies such as the expert system and inference engine with uses of predicates as the quantifiers in the first order logic calculus give rise to artificial intelligence.
When you take a look at the top world economies, they are using artificial intelligence to come up with cutting edge and top-of-the-range products that are of a very high quality and standard. They even cost a lot of money and bring in a lot of money to the originator country to elevate them or maintain their top placements.
When PNG does not embrace technology out of ignorance, then it is denying the constitutional rights of the citizens who deserve better well-versed decision-making which can revolutionise development in this country in the 21st century.
Having said this, the judiciary in PNG has taken the lead by their very top managers, Chief Justice Sir Gibuna Gibbs Salika, Deputy Chief Justice Ambeng Kandakasi and the senior judges to fine-tune PNG to the judiciary by launching the new satellite programme in their new National and Supreme Court building complex. This will bring justice to the next level with court deliberations for the public’s accessibility through satellite link.
Satellite links speak of total coverage of the entire PNG in comparison to deficiencies seen in Digicel and Telikom’s coverages which cannot even reach some of the remotest parts of PNG. Hence, the PNG judicial system is setting a benchmark. This creativity and innovation is a structural change that will bring the country forward.
More PNG decision makers are expected to follow suit.

Technology and transformation
The real time world’s encyclopedia defines economic transformation as “the continuous process of (1) moving labour and other resources from lower to higher productivity sectors (structural change or structural transformation) and (2) raising within-sector productivity growth.
As such, economic transformation emphasises the movement from low to high-productivity activities within and across all sectors (which can be tasks or activities that are combinations of agriculture, manufacturing and services).
“This movement of resources from lower productivity to higher productivity activities is a key driver of economic development.
“Sector productivity growth entails the adoption of new technologies and management practices that increase the efficiency of production. That can come about as a result of the increased efficiency of existing firms or as a result of the reallocation of resources away from the least productive firms towards more productive firms.”
For growth and development in PNG, we have to adopt new technologies such as a case of expert system or a more updated knowledge based system. It works much better because it attempts to correct errors with inbuilt inference systems.
Even more than that it allows for a fault-tolerant system that encompasses redundancies, error detection and error correction systems that uphold a system that continue to function with 100 per cent efficiency despite faults and error conditions.

Growth reduction and technology
Technology can aid in employment by creating wealth. Creative and innovative ideas such as identifying customers around you with a common marketing platform can enable one to go ahead and come up with the product. For instance, a data set that can help to build a certain database for a particular business you are trying to start.
Alternatively, it can be a service you have the skill to provide such as refrigeration or motor mechanics so technology can hook you up with your clients.
This is the area this country and its decision makers need to focus on because we need to put money into people’s pockets.
The more we do that the more people will create wealth and the more people will be employed. This practice has to be perennial and that is year in and year out and done on a sustainable basis to guarantee job security.
As the world’s real time encyclopedia states, “As sustainable employment is one of the best routes out of poverty, assistance in designing and implementing strategies and programmes for job creation can contribute to the objective of poverty alleviation in situations of low income and high unemployment and underemployment. The challenge of poverty reduction is made tougher by crises of some form or the other (e.g., those resulting from economic turmoil, armed conflicts or natural calamities) which tend to aggravate the poverty situation.
“Special attention, therefore, needs to be devoted to countries emerging from crises of various types.”
The above is very true of a third world nation like PNG and with the kind of characteristics of our population we are compelled to use technology to make progress.
These characteristics are taken as strings that operate in fixed length versus a variable length computer word.
All these are keyed synchronously from a microprocessor of a single as well as double word processing in 32 and 64 bit processors.
These are measured in a unit speed in megahertz per second that can finitely affix a real number to a floating point notation and operation to uphold discretisation in an infinitely complex problem from an infinite world.
My prayer for this digitisation and accuracy in information transmission and calibration is “Jesus live in our hearts for ever”.
Next week: Innovation remedy versus patent rights and state support.

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