Struggling for power


AT the current juncture, the suppers are struggling for power.
Particularly in the Pacific, China and the USA are some of the things that will ignite the wars.
These two countries are struggle to dominate the pacific region as well as the setting up of naval base.
China has a clear mission in Indo-Pacific region: complete dominance, in a silent way. That’s according to “The Stealth Superpower: How China Hid Its Global Ambitions,” published in the January/February issue of Foreign Affairs.
In the Indo-Pacific region, China wants complete dominance.
It wants to force the United States out and become the region’s unchallenged political, economic, and military hegemon.
In fact, the prospect of a South China Sea war was included in the list of the top 10 geopolitical risks compiled by the Economist. China’s quest for control in this part of the globe happened in a silent way.
At the same time, the USA also wants to maintain its dominance around the pacific as well as globally, there is also a possibility of war might break out over Taiwan independence and South China Sea.
It is now optimistic that the world war three might break out anytime anywhere between this great powers.
In the event of such a global catastrophe, is PNG capable enough to protect its citizens?
Do we have military strength? Is Australia capable to protect these vast north pacific where it regarded as the leader?


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