Student body wants scholarships maintained

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 31st, 2012

THE Morobe tertiary students union (MTSU), that includes the Gerson-Solulu scholarship, has called on new governor-elect Kelly Naru to maintain the scholarship.
Representing more than 3,000 former and current students and beneficiaries of the scholarship programme, MTSU president and student representative of the Martin Luther seminary, Offo Olia, congratulated and welcomed Naru as the new political head of the province.
The scholarship, named after two Morobe senior educationists, was an initiative of outgoing governor Luther Wenge and his provincial cabinet. It was implemented in 2003 and funded under the provincial government’s budget.
The Gerson-Solulu scholarship programme is hailed by Morobeans as one of Wenge’s biggest achievements, which was a factor in his re-election a third time.
“The Gerson-Solulu scholarship should be a permanent part of the Morobe provincial government’s annual budget expenditure as it has a wider and long-lasting impact because it develops the human resource of the province, which has also contributed to the development process in the country,” Olia said.
The MTSU president also called for improvements in the programme organisation.