Student claims armed cops assaulted him

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The National, Monday, May 9, 2011

AN 18-year-old, doing Grade 10 at De La Salle Secondary School in Bomana outside Port Moresby, claims to have been a victim of police brutality.
Calvin Kainank from Yuo and Walis Island in East Sepik said two weekends ago he was questioned by policemen he claimed to be from the 6-Mile police station.
Kainank said his traumatic experience occurred between 10.30pm and 11pm outside the Air Niugini compound on Kanage Street.
“I was with three friends when a brown Fifth Element drove towards us with full high beams,” he said.
“It stopped in front of us and five policemen in full uniform got out with weapons, including an M16.  
“They pointed the weapons at us and told us to lie face down on the ground and then they began searching us.
“During the search, nothing was found but we were belted from our legs to our backs with fan belts and gun barrels,” Kainank said.
He said their mobile phones and K30 money was taken by the officers.
Kainank said a half empty bottle of SP beer he placed in front of him was then kicked onto his head, injuring him.
“We were threatened and to run for the next five seconds or they would shoot us,” he said.
He said as he later turned to ask for his waist bag he felt a sharp object going through his big left toe.
His elder sister, Samantha Kainank, is angry at what had happened to her brother.
“My brother will probably lose his toe as a result. This kind of behaviour by police officers must stop.
“We will be seeking legal action against those officers and ensure those responsible are held accountable,” she said.
But 6-Mile police station commander Brian Kombe confirmed no report of that nature had been lodged there.
He said people should seek police help so investigations could be carried out and the persons responsible found and dealt with.