Student crowned queen of Tapa Tattoo Cultural Festival

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Ijivitari MP Richard Masere puts a necklace over the new queen of Tufi Tapa Tattoo cultural Festival Naomi Scholastic Ikirima from Sefoa village in Tufi district. She was the runner up for 2018 beauty quest. – Nationalpics by HELEN TARAWA.

GRADE Eight student of Tufi primary school Naomi Scholastic Ikirima has been crowned queen of the Tapa Tattoo Cultural Festival in Tufi, Oro .
Ikirima who had just completed her Grade Eight exams was excited to participate in the beauty quest.
She was happy to be crowned.
The beauty quest was introduced at the show last year and had only two contestants.
This year, there were 12 contestants from as far as Wanigela and Foru in lower Musa, Northern. The 2018 winner was Beverly Gumagara from Sefoa, Tewari clan in Tufi. She handed over the title to Ikirima.
Gumagara said her participation was to support the imitative of Ijivitari MP Richard Masere to promote the culture of the Tufi people.
She acknowledged the organisers for introducing such an event to promote their unique culture.“The beauty quest is to encourage our young Tufian girls to be proud of our culture and identity.
“It is also to showcase that Tufi is the origin of Tapa and Tattoo which was being displayed through the cultural festival to draw all Tufians from border to border to build a community spirit.
“Because of all this, I ask everyone to commend our member Masere for reintroducing the festival and supporting it,” Gumagara said.
Masere said Gumagara had been a great ambassador for the past 12 months.
“Let’s be proud today because it’s difficult for the young ladies to come out and display the culture, their beauty, their traditional costumes, their tattoos and where they come from.
“I’m very proud to be associated with this show to see such wonderful events happening today,” he said.
The show held on Nov 9-10 featured traditional groups from the Tufi-Wanigela areas.

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