Student denies acting in movie

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The National, Tuesday August 6th, 2013

 A MAN and woman charged separately with producing a pornographic movie have denied their involvement in its production.

Police told the court that both appeared in the film although the man’s face was not clearly shown. 

Police said they could prove in court it was him.

Lae district court Magistrate Sasa Inkung adjourned the case to Aug 30 and advised both parties to bring their witnesses.

The court heard that on Aug 1, at around 4.30pm, the two produced the movie at the Polytech campus. The man is a student there.

Police said they used a digital camera to make the movie and later downloaded it onto a laptop.

The man, who claimed to be a second-year student at the PNG Polytechnical Institute, told the court that he had no idea about the movie.

“I did not act in the movie or take any pictures,” he said.

“It is not true.”

The woman said: “Yes, it was my face in the movie but I did not do it.”