Student discipline concerns Tambul Secondary

The National,Monday July 4th, 2016

DISCIPLINE is a major concern in Tambul Secondary School in Western highlands after four students were suspended and many others being put on punishment, principal Jim Ulge says.
Ulge said people over the normal high school age have returned to school because of the free education policy and they are causing a lot of discipline issues in the school.
“My point here is for the government to control this by putting strict measures on age limit so they continue their education through other means than entering the mainstream schools,” Ulge said.
He said students who drop out of school and stayed in the village for many years are returning to school and are having a negative influence on other students as they are old and do not obey school authorities.
Ulge said his school is facing housing problems for teachers and is calling on non-governmental organizations, businesses or willing individuals who want to help to contact him on: 72055603.
He said the school received K145,000 tuition fee free subsidy fund for the first term and K62,000 for second term, which  was not sufficient to carry out projects.
“It’s a boarding school and this money is not enough, the food ration for term one and two total cost was K93, 000. That was for tin fish, rice bag, noodles, cooking oil and salt.”