Student: Join fight to stop violence against women

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A GRADE 6 student has urged the people to join the campaign on stopping violence against women.
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School student Eileen Norris, 13, said: “As a community, we must work together to respond to domestic violence. That means we must learn about domestic violence and do not let our ignorance be an excuse.
“People must find out more about the causes and discuss the issues among themselves and condemn it openly.”
Norris said cultural practice was one of the main causes of domestic violence so a tougher law must be in place to punish people.
“Violence against women has always been an issue in our country,” she said.
“Many women are getting hurt, killed and harassed sexually by men.”
She said it was common these days to see couples arguing over money, wealth or cultural practices which eventually led to fights.
“To avoid that, people must stop cultural beliefs and practices and must come forth and condemn these practices,” she said.
Norris said communities must also support the victims of domestic violence by advising and supporting them.
The event was organised by the Widows, Orphans and Deserted Association and the Port Moresby City Mission.