Student leader charged with illegal use of car

The National,Tuesday June 28th, 2016

A STUDENT leader and three others have been charged with the illegal use of a vehicle in relation to the confrontation between students and security officers at the University of PNG last Thursday.
Assistant commissioner of Police for the National Capital District and Central Sylvester Kalaut told The National that a Student Representative Council official, two students and an outsider had been charged. They were denied bail. Kalaut said the four men were in a vehicle when police apprehended them.
“That vehicle was unregistered, uninsured, and un-roadworthy,” Kalaut said.
“There were bush knives in the car when police searched the vehicle.
“They were identified by some witnesses (as the ones) involved in some of the incidents at UPNG.”
Kalaut said the SRC official allegedly held up pro-vice-chancellor Vincent Malaibe at knife point at the security base and took his vehicle to the campus forum square.
Kalaut said police officers were at the Waigani campus to monitor the situation.
“The university council met yesterday (Sunday) and made some resolutions that there will be a curfew imposed in the university premises,” he said.
“Curfew will be from 8pm to 5am. All students should carry ID cards to identify themselves.
“It’s an effort to stop people moving illegally about and causing havoc in the campus.
“Anybody who walks (around the campus) after 8pm would be a suspect. It’s just basically to restrict their movement until such time the senate meets.
“Most of the students may have moved out of the campus. It’s only a few of them on campus.”