Student leader hails governor’s priorities

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 30th, 2013

 UNIVERSITY of Papua New Guinea Enga Students Association president Chris Kipalan has praised Governor Peter Ipatas for prioritising human resource and skills development in the province.

Kipalan witnessed the 39 Engan students, mostly Grade 12 dropouts, who left for the Philippines on Monday to be trained in heavy diesel fitting under Ipatas Foundation scholarships.

“Ipatas genuinely cares for the future of Enga and giving a second chance to these students is really a boost in human resource development in the province,” Kipalan said.

Kipalan said Ipatas was a champion when it came to human resource development.

He said that reflected in his policies on free education, education-based incentives and training.

Kipalan said human resource development in Engan children was important as the Pogera gold mine was  winding down operations.

He said he had figures to prove that the number of Engan students attending tertiary institutions in the country was the highest among the provinces.

Kipalan called on Ipatas to start a scheme where Enga students can do practical sessions at the provincial government during their holidays.

The university student is the son of the deputy governor of Enga and Wabag Rural LLG president Roy Kipalan and grandson of the former Wabag MP and Lands Minister, the late Sir Albert Kipalan.