Student receives dux award in ‘humble’ attire

Lae News, Normal


FOR a lot of students, graduation day is the time when they look their best so that they can proudly receive the fruits of their years of education.
And if one observes closely he or she can also tell the character of the child graduating from their gait, their posture and the way they are attired for their big day.
Markham Valley Secondary School in the Leron Plains held its pioneer Grade 12 graduation last Thursday.
And the humblest dressed student in the graduating class who stood out from the rest that day was Didi Paul.
When his name was called for him to receive his  certificate and prizes, he stood up from his seat dressed in a plain blue long sleeve collar shirt, long black shorts, a pair of black slippers with a small white roots-rice bag slung across his shoulder.
He walked slowly onto the podium and received his certificate and prizes from Markham MP Koni  Iguan.
Mr Paul was the Grade 12 science stream and overall dux student of the school’s pioneer Grade 12s.
He was first placed in Mathematics A, Chemistry and Physics, and second  in English.
Principal Ebae Oreng described Mr Paul as a humble and hardworking student who showed commitment in his studies.
He said students at the school were always encouraged to be humble, committed and law-abiding citizens.
Emphasis is also placed on upholding and practising Christian values.