Student thanks governor

National, Normal

The National, Friday November 1st, 2013

 TWO females, who are among the 39 students who left for Manila, the Philippines, this week to study life-skills courses, are grateful to the Ipatas Foundation for giving them a second chance. 

Pricilla Saka and Zilla Win will study heavy diesel fitting for six months at the Site Group Life Skills School in Manila. It will be followed by six months of  on-the-job training back home. 

Win said the two had given up hope after dropping out of Grade 12. She thought there was no chance of continuing her studies. 

“I thought that was it for my life when I was not accepted to further my studies,” she said.

“When word came out about the signing up for the entry test on the scholarship programme to Manila, I saw it as an opportunity and took it.”

She said it was a blessing to be chosen because she always wanted to be a heavy diesel Fitter like her father and brother. 

“I want to thank our Governor (Peter Ipatas) for doing so much for the province and for recognising students from Enga. It’s an opportunity and I will try to do my best,” she said.