Student to stand trial for Unitech murder

Lae News, Normal

The National – Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A UNITECH student, charged with the murder of a fellow student last year, was committed by the Lae district court yesterday to stand trial in the national court.
Committal magistrate Posain Poloh found there was enough evidence to try Philip Nigints, 22, of Baisu, Dei council, Western Highlands, with the wilful murder of Melton Maniura.
After his committal, Nigints was asked by Poloh if he had anything to say.
He asked to be bailed but Poloh refused, citing the gravity of the offence.
Nigints was remanded in custody and will appear next Monday at the National Court’s weekly listing, for a date to be set to begin the trial.
Police investigations into the death of Maniura, from East Sepik, a first year applied science student, were filed in the summary of facts in court.
In the summary were police assertions that Nigints, then a third year business student, was drunk and standing with some highlands students near the mining department area between 7pm and 9pm last Sept 2.
They were told by other highlands students that because of the fight three days earlier on Aug 31, the Sepik students were planning to retaliate.
“It is alleged that a fight erupted and Nigints then ran with some other students towards the Emara Ibu building and into the rugby and soccer fields, where they apprehended a Sepik student, Melton Maniura, who was escaping from the fight and the highlands students,” the police court file stated.
“Nigints then attacked Maniura with a knife that had a blade of between 25-30cm long.
“Nigints was then stopped by some students who pulled him away from Maniura. Other students nearby also called out Nigints to stop.
“Nigints, still armed with the bayonet-like knife, then walked over to the Christian Centre, near the security office telling other students that a student was lying dead in the middle of the field.”