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THE executives of Morobe Tertiary Student’s Union (MTSU) write in reply to Aye Lae Gnapali FeWopa in the letters section of The National yesterday, calling Morobe Tertiary Student’s Union “illegal, unprofessional and unaccountable”.
We were accused of lack of transparency.
Let us clarify that our financial acquittals, administration report and 2018 outreach activities were presented to 22 presidents of the council who are part of the MTSU.
All were documented since we took office in July 2018, and we are only responsible for July 2018 and the 2019 reports.
Calling us “unprofessional” oh well, all our minutes of all meetings, whether it is executive, council or 4000-plus Morobe students were recorded when we first took office in July 2018.
It means from 2018 July to present day, all meeting minutes are recorded and is with our secretary.
Calling MTSU “illegal” is defamatory and a joke for someone who claims to have done his/her research.
We have a constitution that guides all our moves and actions.
Our subsection gives us the honour to fight professionally on issues affecting Morobe, whether it be political, economic or social.
In addition to justify our legality, we are recognised and registered under the IPA with registration and certificate number: Morobe Tertiary Student’s Union of Papua New Guinea Inc 5-4237 and certified and incorporated under section 7 of the Association’s Incorporated Act.
Furthermore, we also have our text payer registration certificate with registered tax number: 500922051 Morobe Tertiary Student’s Union is comprised of more than 4000 students.
It is a legal body of tertiary students of Morobe nationwide.
We love criticism but so-called claimed “researchers” need to really do their survey with right students because the students of University of PNG and University of Technology are part of these MTSU body.
Please come and see the executives if any more queries.

2019 Executives

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