Students able to acquire UK accreditation while in PNG

Youth & Careers

PAPUA New Guineans can obtain accreditation from Cambridge International College (CIC) in the United Kingdom through the International Education Consultant (IEC) without having to leave the country,
an education consultant says.
Port Moresby Business College trainer and IEC-authorised introducer Steven Aaron said a good number of Papua New Guineans had already undertaken studies under the programme and were being recognised by
public and private organisations.
“IEC provides a great opportunity for PNG students to access internationally recognised accreditation at affordable costs and with great flexibility,” he said.
Aaron told The National that about 50 students had already registered to study different programmes offered by CIC since IEC was established in 2017.
“IEC has set its minimum eligibility requirement to grade 10 only.”
Aaron said those who completed grade 12 had automatic eligibility.
“Working adults, stay-at-home parents and all school leavers meeting the minimum requirement are eligible to study,” he said.
He said there were many parents and students being skeptical about the arrangements.
“I understand their doubts, I would encourage them to find out more information about this arrangement,” he said.
“They will realise that the course fees are affordable. You do not need to travel to the UK to study and receive an internationally recognised certificate upon completing your study.”