Students arrested for drinking homebrew

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POLICE arrested 20 Ramu Vocational (TVET) Centre students for drinking homebrew in school yesterday morning.
They are being held at the Ramu Police Station and will be charged accordingly.
School principal John Goiye said the students would also be dealt with administratively after they were released from police custody.
“We have school regulations and students found consuming homebrew and any form of liquor in school will be terminated or cautioned, depending on the circumstance of each case,” he said.
“It was alleged that they were preparing to go out for their holiday and were consuming homebrew in the school when teachers caught them.
“The students were screened accordingly without bad records before they were enrolled.
“We have strict regulations and rules.
“They will have to leave the school if they are found guilty.
“I want to warn students that I will be strictly monitoring them during the holiday.
“Students are advised to stay home and refrain from criminal activities,” Madang commander Supt Mazuc Rubiang said.
“The number of students arrested are too many and this should not happen again,” he said, adding that parents needed to monitor students during the break.

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