Students attend retreat


THIRTY-TWO fourth year education batch from the Don Bosco Technological Institute in Port Moresby had a two day retreat last week.
According to a statement from the Catholic bishops conference, the theme of the retreat was “Protect creation, respect life”.
Facilitator Jojo Siriban encouraged the students to see the destruction caused by mining and industrial development.
“The sight of diminishing creatures and the exploitation of natural habitats in the name of development, provoked uneasiness in every student making them think deeply about what is happening toward mother earth,” he said.
Reflecting on their relationships in life at the interactive session by Fr Ambrose Pereira and Terrance Tuohik, the students realised that fidelity, lifelong commitments, sacrifice and respect were values that they need to develop.
Fr Alex Garcias, the rector, with the song entitled: “It’s the climb”, by Miley Cyrus, challenged the students to reflect on the mountains that they needed to climb in their lives.

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