Students attend training on social media evangelism


A GROUP of students from Poinini Catholic Agro-Technical Secondary School in Kimbe, West New Britain, last week, attended a short course on the use of social media for evangelisation.
The brief session, facilitated by Fr Ambrose Pereira from the Catholic Bishops Conference’s social communications team, focused on how students could best use social media particularly Facebook, and other platforms to disseminate positive messages in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Christian religious education coordinator and diocese representative coordinating the seminar Brendon Kaita said there was a great need for evangelisation through the media.
Kaita said this was a good opportunity for the students to learn how they could best evangelise their Catholic faith.
“I see that the students did not really know much about what social media is and they only used it to communicate with their friends and family,” he said.
“After the short session, I noticed that a lot of them were now aware of what social media was, and especially the different types of ‘selfies’ being posted.
“I now hope that they can be able to use their social media accounts or networks to communicate positive messages to the masses.”
Student leaders on the students representative board, such as prefects attended the seminar.
Poinini Catholic Agro-Technical Secondary School head-boy Ezra Naka, was pleased to be part of the group that attended the session.
He thanked Kaita for inviting Fr Ambrose SDB and his team to the school.
The three-day media education seminar for the 14 Catholic agency schools in the province was held from April 26-29.