Students becoming lazy to read


THE quality of written and spoken English in Papua New Guinea has dropped over the years.
I am too young to confidently state the cause for that.
But what I can say is that today’s students, including those I went to school with are just lazy, that’s all.
When I was in Grade 1, I used to see students in Grade 7 and 8 carrying books around.
They sit under trees and read.
I don’t mean reading books about their school subjects but novels, poems, classics, and other fiction books.
Ask a student about William Shakespeare or Rumi and he/she will just give you a confused look.
I don’t see that happening anymore.
Now I only see phones in students’ hands instead of books.
I don’t believe it’s the parents’ responsibility to tell students to read.
The message of reading is crucial for learning has been widely publicised for ages.
It is up to students to be responsible for their own learning.
It does not hurt to spend time reading.
Reading is the key.



  • Totally agree with you, Namakam. I was told to read a journal in grade three, Thats when I started the interest of reading and its fun reading. Now I can speak very fast English even my peers cannot hear what I said, and I can assure everyone that reading very heplful.

  • 100% Agree on this and i mean NOT READ WITH MINDS BUT WITH ACTUALLY PRONOUNCING THE WORDS OUT LOUD ENOUGH FOR you not to disturb others.!

  • Only reading has helped to me know, understand, speak and write the English language very well.

    I encourage all students to read, read, and read as much as you can. Just put your phones away and hold a book instead.

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