Students’ busfare


AS per appeared in The National on Monday (Sept 2), Jacqueline Atua-Waffi acting chief executive officer said students from lower primary (elementary/grade 1) to upper secondary (grade 12), in Port Moresby, should be paying only 50 per cent of the approved adult fares. And students in tertiary institutions (universities, colleges) should be paying 75 per cent of the approved adult fares.
This is a welcome news to most of us parents, especially the poor ones who struggle daily to meet needs.
However, there’s still more to be done to get the message across concern entities such as bus owners and the crew as well as parents and students. We urge if ICCC can use all forms of media to inform all the parents, students and bus operators that the above approved bus fares are in effect and should be followed strictly.
Failure by bus operators will result in penalty fines.
The message should go on for a like a month so that people are really made aware of.
All in all, thumbs up for ICCC.

Concern Parent, POM

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