Students caught in clash

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The National, Thursday October 17th, 2013


SEVEN Grade 12 students in Madang missed their biology paper on Monday after a fight between residents of two settlements began on Sunday night.

The wave of violence began after teenaged boys living at a compound known as PHD allegedly stabbed a youth from Banana Block on Sunday afternoon.

The Banana Block residents retaliated by attacking the compound residents on Sunday night, destroying homes and flower gardens.

They chased many health workers living there from their homes.

Sr Dianne Liriope, who lives there, said they were lucky because their youths did their best to defend residents.

Eyewitnesses said the two teenagers were drunk and were causing a nuisance along the road. 

When the youth from Banana Block went past, they demanded his money and mobile phone.

He was stabbed when he resisted.

But PHD compound residents claimed the Banana Block youth had attacked the two teenagers first.

Madang businessman Peter Yama had to intervene to stop the fight on Sunday night.

On Monday morning, the fight erupted again between the two groups in front of the Modilon Hospital gate.

Stones were hurled into the hospital area, traffic came to a standstill and children walking to school fled for their lives. 

Most of them missed classes.

The two teenagers surrendered to police yesterday under a heavy escort provided by PHD compound residents.

Doctor Hugh Saweni of Modilon Hospital yesterday warned both sides against attacking the hospital facilities.

Police are mediating to find an end to the fight.